Real Time.
Real Results.

Real time IoT environmental monitoring & data analysis

Real World Deployment

In 2017 Climate360 partnered with the James River Association to deploy 10 water temperature sensors in chesterfield county. Recording temp data in realtime 24/7.

Dutch Gap, James River

Old River Bend, James River

Farrar Gut, James River

The Technology

Robust Hardware

Using the latest in Cellular IoT PCM boards with all weather housing to transmit sensor data in realtime. Rapidly depoly 100's or 1,000's of devices.

Advanced Charts & Analytics

Introducing a robust dashboard view, allowing users to integrate device data and USGS/NOAA data into a single view for analyizing.

Cost Effective

With pricing far lower than any competitor, this allows clients to mass deploy many IoT devices for maxiumium data collection.